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108.4 million people are displaced in the world today due to conflict, persecution, human rights violations or other serious events.

Every year, refugees and asylum seekers walk over
1 billion miles to reach safety.

Their journey to find hope is long and sometimes very dangerous.

But, when they reach Uganda, we are there to meet them with HOPE.

On October 14th, we are walking to raise awareness
and support for programs for survivors of war.

Will you join us?


What is it?

Every October, we walk to raise awareness and support for our programs serving survivors of war. 

YOU can join the cause with us.

Can I do it alone or with a team?

You can participate as an individual or with a group.  Grap your friend and family, co workers and make a difference now.

Do I have to walk? Can I run or bike?

You can walk, run or bike!  The goal is that you raise awareness and urgently needed support for survivors of war.

I can't make it on October 14th.

No problem.  You can choose any date within the month of October to do your HOPE WALK and collect donations until October 31st.



Select your region


Please check your email to continue your registration for the HOPE WALK.

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