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Changing The Story - Judy and Angel

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Judy and Angel were born during war.  Their father was young man when he was forcibly recruited as a solider into a rebel army.  He would be forced to do horrendous acts of war or lose his own life.  In time, he managed to escape the rebels and got married. He struggled in his marriage because of the trauma and the losses he had experienced from war.  He suffered from depression and post traumatic stress disorder.  He was extremely anxious and worried about his children and their safety.  He began drinking alcohol to help alleviate the stress and trauma of his past.  His wife didn't know how to help him.  His life was on a downward spiral until he met the staff of I Live Again Uganda. Then, his story changed. The counseling team of I Live Again Uganda was able to support Judy and Angel's father and mother through group, individual and marital counseling.  Healing and freedom would come through the counseling programs.  At times, the entire family including Judy and Angel would be supported by our team.  The past life of war that their parents lived through was no longer going to hinder their children or the ways they would parent their children.  We are so thankful that Judy and Angel's father gave his life to Christ and is now on a healthy path and knows how to process his past trauma.

Their story changed because partners like you.  We don't know what would have happened to Judy or Angel or their parents if we unable to support this family.  Thank you for CHANGING THE STORY.


We are passionate about providing restoration to  individuals, families and communities affected by war.  Thank you for partnering with us!


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