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Changing The Story - Sarah

The rebels came to her village. They gathered her family members and lined them up. She watched from a distance as many of her family members were brutally killed. She had no choice. She had to run.

She ran as far away as she could. She ran all the way to the capital city and made her way to a slum where many of her tribe mates were living. She had heard of a place called, “Acholi Quarter.” It was a place where many of the Achoil people had run to during the war. She knew that she would find people there that would understand her plight and the situation of the rebels.

After establishing her life in Acholi Quarter Sarah would struggle with many challenges from the the loss of family members in her village and the trauma she endured. She soon found out that it was her own Uncle that had brought the rebels to her village on that fateful day. Her own flesh and blood was the one that betrayed her and her entire family. To save his own life, her Uncle would hand over the life of her father, brothers and other members of her family. As she began to grasp this reality she would grow more and more bitter towards her Uncle. She was too angry and afraid to return to her village. Sarah lived in the slum for 17 years. Then she met the team from I Live Again Uganda. Then her story began to change.

Sarah came each week for trauma counselling at the I Live Again Uganda office with a group of others. She was able to have a safe place where she could share the pain of the loss of many of her family members and how angry she was at her Uncle for bringing the rebels to their home. She began to realize that the bitterness that she was holding towards her Uncle was actually causing her more harm than good. She learned about Christ and how he was able to forgive others and the sacrifice He made for her and so many others like her. She gave her life to Christ. She soon realized that her only true way to freedom was to forgive. I Live Again Uganda challenged everyone in the group to reach out and forgive someone in their life that had caused them the most pain. Sarah took up the challenge and knew she needed to forgive her Uncle.

She learned that her Uncle was living on the very land that she ran away from. She scrounged together some money, got on a bus and took an eight hour journey north to her home. This was the place where she saw first hand the brutality of the rebels. The memories of the war would flood over her mind but she was able to face it because of the techniques and support she had gained from the counselling program.

Upon reaching her village she had a small package. As she walked towards a small hut she would see the outline of a man. There he was. Her Uncle. As she approached him she began to kneel. She handed him the package. It was for him. It was a pair of trousers that she had bought for him as a gift. As she knelt she began to ask her Uncle forgive her for the bitterness that she had had towards him. She would also tell him that she forgives him for the pain that he had caused her and her entire family. The moment was precious and beautiful. He responded by saying,

“My daughter. My daughter you have returned home. Please forgive me! I am sorry for the pain I have caused you. Forgive me! You are home now and I want to give you all the land. Today, you have 100 acres of land. This is all yours.” He extended his hand and they shared a beautiful moment of healing for them both.

Sarah has now established herself in the village. She has 100 acres of land! Her step to seek out forgiveness has brought her so many blessings. She is working hard in her gardens. She gives thanks to God for how He changed her story. She has given a portion of her 100 acres of land for the establishment of a church. She wants others to know the goodness and freedom that she has found.

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