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Changing The Story - Alfred

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Francis (ILA Staff), Alfred, Benson (ILA Staff).

Alfred didn’t always have this smile on his face. He used to have nightmares each night.  He used to be afraid to stand in this very spot. This is were Alfred grew up.

Alfred was just a boy when he was forced to leave his home and face the painful realities of war.  Rebels wanting to overthrow the government entered his village and his home.  The rebels took Alfred that day.  He would be exposed and forced to see mass killings, rape, burning of homes and so many traumatic events.  Three different times Alfred would manage to escape only to be abducted again by rebels and forced to fight in a war that he did not want to.  The third time that he managed to escape from the rebels he ran away.  He had no choice.  He ran to save his life.

Thankfully, Alfred met the team of I Live Again Uganda and they were able to help him change his story.  Alfred and his family received trauma counselingHe learned about forgiveness, having a vision for his life, hope for the future and who God created Him to be and so much more.  He learned what to do when he had bad dreams at night.  He learned what to do when a sound or smell would trigger a painful memory of war.   He received so much healing through the work of the team at I Live Again Uganda that he returned home.  He returned to the very place where the rebels came and caused him so much pain. Alfred learned how to live again.

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