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Leaving Darkness Behind

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

“When problems come, I would think about my past. If only my father hadn't died... I would not be in this situation.”

Abuya speaks of a past filled with inner anger and bitterness. Having lost her Father at the age of 12, adulthood began at a young age.

“I married when I was 15 years old and had two children with him.” With the lose of her Father and then quickly becoming a mother herself she didn't have a chance to enjoy her teenage years. The memories she had of the killing of her father still affected her and in turn impacted how she treated her children. She carried so much bitterness in her life and took that bitterness out on her children.

“You will experience the same thing when I die” she would tell them. She was not aware of how damaging those toxic memories of the lose of her father were affecting herself and her children. Today she rejoices on having been cleansed from her darkness.

“Now I feel the positive change and greatly feed prosperity to my children every day.”

As part of our trauma counselling program, we help victims of war confront the memories of their past. With the use of analogies such as “the snake bite,” we allow our victims to deal with their pasts communally and individually. Through vocalization and sharing experiences, victims can make peace within themselves and others who have hurt them, to move forward and form a clearer future.


We are passionate about providing restoration to  individuals, families and communities affected by war.  Thank you for partnering with us!


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